The Triumph of Green Tour


Here we show you some details from the this massive great fine-art print. Very difficult to get anything as clear as the Limited Edition print as the camera has to get in very close to capture these fine details. Patrick Woodroffe's work is nothing short of astounding! A self-taught artist, he has produced some of the finest surreal work ever seen with a depth of detail that confounds the senses. If you've seen any of the originals you'll know what I mean. It is hard to believe that a human eye could work so finely. Here are half a dozen details from the Triumph of Green starting below......

As we look at this magnificent work we start on the left-hand side above the tree where we have this gorgeous great blimp of a flying creature ... probably flies by being full of hot air ...rather like a long-standing politician ! Alternatively, the law of gravity appears to have taken a holiday out of respect for Mr Woodroffe's abilities as a painter!


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