Terry Oakes

Terry Oakes

The Visionary Welsh Wizard

A talented artist of vision and technique, Terry Oakes is entirely self-taught in his skills. This he did by studying the works of his childhood heroes - legendary comic artists like Jack Kirby and Frank Bellamy. Oakes received his first big break when he was commissioned to produce a book cover for Atlantis Rising.

Since then he has worked in many and varied fields, including a poster design for The Sunday Times: Ruler of All the Universe, design commissions for David Wickes' film of King Solomon's Mines, a cover for Stephen King's novel The Shining and an album cover for Hawkwind. But most of his work has been in the field of Fantasy Games, where he has illustrated many games and gamebooks, including a magnificent design for the huge Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary poster.

Privately, Oakes is a modest fellow who greatly undervalues his own talent. Though his agency is located in London and most of his work comes from that area, he very rarely travels far from his home in Wales.

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