Judith Page

Judith Page

Judith Page was born in Sydney, Australia and came to the UK in the 1970's where she attended Chelsea School of Art specialising in mural decoration, knowing full well that she was destined to become a painter.

Her field of study is occult art, and she is now well known in this circle for producing fine examples of Egyptian pantheon groups with a strong emphasis on astronomy. Her canvases literally vibrate with aspects of distant galaxies.

Her understanding and use of colour is profound. These powerhouses on canvas contain an energy and vibration that is infectious to the onlooker. They are geared to energize and relate very much to the future and beyond, taking the viewer with them. She has an almost innate knowledge of the cosmos, and states that this is due to the fact that we are all made of star-dust, and she is merely painting our ancient bodies.

Her work has featured on the covers of countless UK magazines, books and illustrations. She states that often her work is sold before the paint is dry, hence her code of secrecy when she worked on her latest series of paintings, 'The Tree of Life', taking almost two years in the painting.

Judith's paintings and fine art prints can be found in both sanctuaries and private collections world wide.

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