John Blanche

John Blanche

Punk Fantasy

The name John Blanche became famous throughout the Fantasy gaming world when his work appeared as the first full-colour cover of White Dwarf magazine in 1977. Since then he has produced many covers for games, books and record sleeves. His distinctive 'Punk Fantasy' style is imitated by many young artists in the field.

In his Fantasy Gaming illustrations, this style is characterised by sharp, angular characters and hideous demonic creatures locked together in the eternal struggle between good and evil. But in much of his early and private work, the aggressiveness is forsaken and a more visionary fantasy emerges.

Blanche is also one of the world's finest fantasy miniatures painters, having won several Games Day Awards for his individual figures and dioramas. The incredible detail which he is able to paint onto three-dimensional models not much more than an inch in height is truly astonishing. He now regularly edits a miniatures column in White Dwarf magazine.

Two of his published books are The Prince and the Woodcutter and Ratspike, which also featured Ian Miller, a fantasy artist whose unique style has been long admired by Blanche. His work also appeared in The Tolkien Bestiary, a collaborative work with a number of fantasy artists. And his gaming illustrations can often be found on Games Workshop product boxes and in White Dwarf magazine.

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