Chris Achilleos

Chris Achilleos

Heroic Fantasy

The name Chris Achilleos is synonymous with bold visions of heroic fantasy. His powerful images assume a vivid presence which appears almost three-dimensional. And this three-dimensionality is created entirely by Achilleos' supreme technique and strong sense of drama.

"There is a tale to be told in each of my works. The painting itself is no more than a photograph, capturing barely a moment of that tale. My job is - through dramatic composition of the scene I have chosen - to provide the viewer with a glimpse of the entire story; what has happened so far and what will happen next. In my finest pieces, different viewers will interpret 'what happens next' in entirely different ways."

The sheer power of his imagery has long been recognised by the publishing and film industry. He is constantly in demand for film and TV work, book covers, album covers, game box covers and the like. In the motion picture world he was 'discovered' through his work with the cult animated film Heavy Metal in 1980. Since then he has worked with animator Ray Harryhausen on Clash of the Titans and more recently with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner.

His book covers have included such best-selling series as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Fighting Fantasy and several of Michael Moorcock's books. And apart from his Science Fiction and Fantasy illustrations, he is also known for his work as an erotic artist. His evocative series of off-beat illustrations for Men Only, known as 'Pinups' have become collectors' items. Achilleos has also had three books of his own works published: Beauty & The Beast, Sirens and Medusa.

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