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LATEST NEWS! - Artists UK is now over 25 years old 

and it all started with the art of Dan Woods !

The Abandon Art Gallery of Fantasy Art was based upon the success of the original Abandon Art gallery owned by Steve Jackson (the  founder of Games Workshop and writer of many fantasy gaming books etc). Abandon Art was probably the world's first gallery exclusively devoted to Fantasy and Science Fiction art. 

Abandon Art first opened its virtual fantasy doors way back in 1995 with The Visionaries; later, were unveiled two new fantasy wings: Terry Pratchett's Discworld and The Daniel Woods Collection and then the Wonderland Suite with its incredible 'Alice in Wonderland' fantasy paintings. Another addition at around this time was the beautiful Rivendell by Alan Lee inspired by the place of the same name in JRR Tolkien's fantasy books 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings'. 

Alan Lee of course, went forward from his fame as an illustrator of Tolkien's works to being a major artistic consultant on Peter Jackson's three Lord of The Rings Tolkien fantasy films. You'll also find the legendary Brian Froud here and the fast-becoming-legendary Ed Org.  We invite you to take a virtual stroll through the fantasy corridors of this fabulous fantasy art gallery which you can do by clicking here and then just clicking 'next' at the bottom of each page.

The supplying of Limited Edition fantasy prints etc to customers of the site was always handled by Artists UK and back in January 2004 Artists UK purchased Abandon Art so it could be preserved, being possibly the first fantasy art website there ever was.

Caterpillar's Mushroom by fantasy artist Brian Froud Our permanent exhibition of fantasy art works from renowned fantasy artists includes:

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